What to Do during your Visit to Dubai Creek

Dubai has endless destinations that ensure you have a fun and luxurious visit; whether what you are looking forward to is going to theme parks and water parks, attending opera shows, playing sports, trying different dining spots, or just shopping, Dubai has many places for you to try for each one of your interests.

However, there is one place in Dubai that is certainly one of a kind for many reasons, which is Dubai Creek.

Dubai Creek is as ancient as the lands on both its sides, and it stands still until today with the truest essence and reflection of the Middle Eastern lifestyle before modernity took the world by storm.

Dubai Creek is known for being the spot for pearl diving, fishing, and trade for decades upon decades. So, if you are a lover of history and culture, you cannot miss out on visiting Dubai Creek.

Here are some activities to do during your visit there:

Shop at Bur Dubai and Deira

You will definitely want to visit Bur Dubai and Deira’s traditional markets surrounding Dubai Creek. If you are bored and tired of shopping malls, and need a more historical and cultural shopping place, this is the one for you.

The traditional shopping stores in Bur Dubai and Deira offer you endless options of traditional colorful carpets, breathtaking perfumes, gold, textiles, and spices, which during the middle ages held as much value as gold and gems in Europe.

You will also be welcomed with Arabian coffee and much hospitality in true Arab fashion during your shopping near Dubai Creek, which you can also live nearby as some residential areas are only a couple of minutes away from the creek.

Cruise through Dubai Creek

If you are not a fan of long walks, yet you want to experience Dubai Creek, cruising is the right and luxurious fix for your dilemma. You can cruise Dubai Creek on a yacht or a dhow – if you are looking for something a bit more traditional – to sightsee the surroundings of the creek, and enjoy the calmness water brings to the visitors.

The provided dinner cruises will have you enjoying their 3-course dinner, the sunset, the water, and of course, all the sights you are going to pass by and enjoy their lights as it gets dark. Expect to see Al Maktoum Bridge, the Deira Twin Towers, and the Grand Mosque Souq with the most unforgettable 2.5 hour long cruise you will ever have.

It will give you the true experience of the Arab world with the creek that made trading possible in the gulf area for decades, and the wooden dhows that have been used in the Middle East for centuries.

Experience history with Al Fahidi Neighbourhood

If sightseeing through cruising and shopping at traditional markets aren’t enough to fill up your interests in history and culture, you will surely love Al Fahidi neighbourhood with its rich museums and heritage sites that will make you not mind long walks at all.

You will lose yourself in Al Fahidi architecture that reflects Dubai’s lifestyle from the mid 19th century to the 70s, all through the high tower buildings constructed with stones, gypsum, teak, sandalwood, alongside fronds and palm wood.

As you notice the buildings’ facing towards Al Qibla, and their limited front windows, you will recognise the value they hold in regards to privacy and religion.

The buildings are separated by paths and public square areas, and they are used for many artistic, cultural, and historical activities in alignment with what Al Fahidi neighborhoud represents.

You should schedule your visit with the opening of an art exhibit there or during seasonal events such as  Sikka Art Fair and Heritage Week.

In Conclusion

Dubai Creek offers you and all visitors a lot of exotic and once-in-a-lifetime experiences through its museums and historical buildings in Al Fahidi Neighbourhood, cruising the creek as the sun sets, and shopping at the most traditional Arabian markets in Dubai. Plan your visit to Dubai Creek soon, it will be unforgettable!

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