Donald Dirren Shares a Few Hiking Tips

Don Dirren has spent many years as a professional financial advisor helping individuals manage their money wisely. But, Don also enjoys the outdoors and exploring the beautiful state of Arizona. Hiking is something Don has found a lot of interest in outside of his professional life. Whether Don is hiking in Arizona or elsewhere, he follows certain tips to make the experience more enjoyable.

5 Tips For Hiking Don Dirren Recommends

These are some of the tips Don recommends when he is out hiking. Many other tips can be added, but these 5 essential best practices for hiking are a good place to start:

  • Make a Checklist – This can be a simple list for a short day hike that includes snacks and water or a much longer multi-day hike that may require more substantial hiking and camping gear. Also, a list will help organize essential gear as well as notes, directions, or any other important information.
  • Think About Water – Even if you go out for a short hike, carrying water is essential. Don Dirren carries extra water on hikes and often brings a water purification device in case of an emergency.
  • Bring Enough Warm Clothing – Even though Don spends a lot of time in Arizona, the weather can get both cold and hot, so having appropriate clothing is important. Make sure to pack warm clothes especially on longer hikes and in cooler climates like mountains. Also, economical space blankets that fold down extremely small are useful for emergencies to stay warm.
  • Pack Rain Gear – This applies to places that may have precipitation. It is no fun to get caught in the rain unprotected on a long hike far away from shelter. Rain gear can be light, packable, and inexpensive so it makes sense to throw some in your backpack.
  • Hike With Another Person – Don Dirren enjoys hiking solo, but he also likes having company on his adventures. Hiking with another person can be a fun way to spend time with friends while hiking through challenging trails. If you are going on extended hikes having company can help with loneliness and safety too.

Hiking as a Personal Challenge

Don Dirren enjoys the challenge of hiking in new places with different sites and terrains. He has found this activity balances his professional life as a financial advisor and helps him excel at working with people to plan for retirement and make smart financial decisions. During his many years of working as a financial advisor, Don Dirren has helped countless individuals make the best financial decisions possible.

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