All You Need Is Love! Valentine’s Day in Vegas With Cirque du Soleil

Valentine’s Day spent with the love of your life can make for memories that never fade. Cirque du Soleil specializes in creating fantastic memories. For that reason, the team of high-flying acrobatics and electrifying performers is inviting couples and loved ones from around the world to their great shows in Vegas tonight.

More than just another team of entertainers vying for your time and ticket money, Cirque du Soleil has a collection of the best shows in Las Vegas on display and tickets more affordable than ever.

How can you enjoy V-Day with Cirque du Soleil?

Valentine’s Day With Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil translates to ‘Circus of the Sun’, and that name only begins to hint at the wonderful memories that the electrifying team of Canadian creators can generate. Established in the 80s before rising to popularity in the early 90s, Cirque du Soleil has six amazing shows on offer for fans and couples visiting Las Vegas. Whether you are looking for music or high-octane action, Cirque du Soleil has the last-minute tickets Las Vegas visitors are looking for.

Spending a romantic night out should feature memories that you can share forever. This is the specialty Cirque du Soleil has become known for. With shows fit for every occasion, here are a few ways you can spend your evening with your partner.

  • KA at MGM Grand – One of our favorite shows in the Cirque du Soleil lineup, KA is a dueling show of action and drama underscored by captivating acrobatics that takes place above the heads of the audience. The drama and pathos of the show will bring any couple together as they are awed by the action unfolding before them.
  • Drawn to Life at Disney Springs – Located in Disney Springs, FL, Drawn to Life is the first and only collaboration between Disney and Cirque du Soleil. Featuring stunning visual effects and costuming done by the team at Disney, Drawn to Life pulls fans of all ages onto a wonderful journey of love and learning.
  • O at Bellagio Hotel & Casino – Our favorite show on the itinerary is O which is hosted at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino. This show features a preponderance of water in its purest form, draping audiences in a surreal and inspiring performance that weaves artistry and elegance into a single thread.

Cirque du Soleil has been stunning audiences and wowing skeptics for as long as they have been in operation. With more shows than you have time to watch this Valentine’s Day, now is the perfect time to start planning the romantic outing filled with drama and adventure that you have been looking for.

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