5 Great Tips On How To Store And Organize Kids Clothing

Kids’ closets can become a mess in minutes, especially if you have old enough kids that can dress independently. Most mothers are in this kind of desperation on storing and organizing kids’ clothes and maintaining tidy closets.

The critical aspect of organizing closets is to ensure you make the best use of your space. When organizing for kids, ensure you invest in storage dividers and hangers to ensure you have all the space well utilized. Notably, invest in quality boxes since it’s a kid’s closet, and they may take a battering. Moreover, adding color will be aesthetically pleasing and enable kids to sort out their clothes.

For instance, you may have a box for baby girl dresses and maybe some hanging storage where you hang all the rompers.

Here are some great tips on storing and organizing kids’ clothes.

  1. Sort through the clothes

This is the most important step when organizing a closet. Take out everything from the drawers and place them on the bed or table. Next, sort out your child’s clothes and place them in a series of piles. For instance, you may sort out the baby boy bottoms from the tops.

Also, have a stay pile; these are clothes that your child is actively wearing and are seasonally appropriate. Second, you can have a pile of clothes that are out of season, which your child is not currently wearing now. This will save you some space.

Third, you can have the pass-down pile. If you have more than one child, it’s standard practice to store clothes that the eldest child outgrows for their smaller siblings to wear later, especially if we are talking about designer children clothing. Make a new stack only for these things. Other piles may include the donate and discard pile. This will help you have fewer clothes in the closet, minimize laundry and give you more space.

  1. Store clothes you do not need now

After sorting out the clothes, it’s time to put away the garments you no longer need at the moment or the ones that are out of season. This will help you get more space for the on-season clothes.

  1. Organize the clothes by type

One way of organizing clothes is by sorting them out according to their type. This is a terrific method if you have enough seasonal products to divide into several bags. For instance, in a baby boy clothes bag, you may decide to have sets of rompers, trousers in another basket, and tops on a different stash. It will be much simpler to unpack when the season returns if you dedicate a tote to winter pants, another to winter jackets, and yet another to sweaters.

  1. Organize by size

Organizing a closet by size is another alternative to organizing kids’ closets. If you’re saving more than a season’s worth of clothes – say, a wardrobe for a younger sister to grow into – you might wish to organize by size. You can organize by season within size categories, but marking your bags and containers by size will make finding what you need later.

  1. Organize by season

This is the most sensible method to organize clothes for most people. Keeping all of your child’s winter stuff together can make getting ready for the season a snap.

In conclusion, organizing kids’ clothes ensures you vertically store folded items in the drawers. Also, ensure you maximize the storage bins and use every space available. For instance, using the door to store a hanging organizer.

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