Dealing With Your Own Case v/s Hiring A Lawyer In Philadelphia

The severity of injuries and legal elements of the accident determines if you’ll manage your case all by yourself, or you’ll require assistance of an attorney. 

Personal injury cases cover a huge domain. It could include something as minor as your neighbors pet bite, or car accident which severely affects your life. It could also be defamation remarks (rumors) which hamper your professional and personal growth. The level of injury and how well it is represented makes a huge difference to your claim. This is where personal law attorneys come as a huge advantage. The Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys have extensive experience, which gets you closer to winning your case. 

Figuring out if you can handle the case solely or need professional help can be perplexing. Here, we’ll get a glimpse of situations where one can handle a case by themselves and when they need a lawyer.

Managing your own case 

You must be certain of your capabilities and be aware of the consequences of mishandling the case. If you’re unsure, you must consider hiring an attorney at the initial stages itself.

▪︎When an accident leads to minimum damage, and you receive the deserved compensation from the insurance company and defendant, then an attorney doesn’t have to be involved.

▪︎Injuries need to rise to a certain level to have a claim, minor injuries fall under no fault state so hiring a lawyer for those isn’t necessary.

▪︎Insurance companies have a limit when it comes to paying out. If the company is already offering you that and the defendant has less assets, it’s convenient to get the maximum compensation and get out of the situation.

▪︎If you can confidently negotiate with the insurance companies and are prepared to go through the intimidating process of trials, then you can handle the case by yourself. 

When to hire an attorney?

Lawyers have practiced over the years to represent the claim of their client and get a favorable outcome. Hiring an attorney will be helpful when your injuries are major and require long-term nursing and medical expenses, or insurance companies haggle to compensate the deserved amount. 

In the end, it’s your decision to involve an attorney or manage it by yourself. Attorneys can ensure maximizing your recovery costs, getting full spectrum of damages, and craft your claim with the severity that it deserves. Most of the time, they demand payment only when the case is successful, which displays their efficiency. 

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