Summer Essentials: Staying Cool and Confident in the Sun

The dog days of summer call for practical pieces that keep you comfortable amid rising temperatures without compromising style. With outdoor activities beckoning, it’s also crucial to protect yourself from harsh UV exposure. Use this guide to stock up on season-specific essentials so you can beat the heat in fashion.

Sun Protection Starts with Sunglasses

Quality eyewear tops any warm weather wardrobe. Beyond just looking cool, the right sunglasses actively safeguard your skin and vision from sun damage. When shopping for summer shades, prioritize protection first.

Look for styles made from polycarbonate plastic with 100% UV protection. Plastic lenses naturally filter UV rays unlike cheaper acrylic options. Verify UV blocking capabilities on an attached sticker.

Larger frames provide enhanced coverage, so look for oversized and wraparound shapes. This prevents UV rays from sneaking in from peripheral angles. For convenience, purchase a few versatile pairs in coordinating colors.

The folk at Olympic Eyewear say that it also helps to have a range of lens options for different settings. Gray reduces glare, brown heightens contrast, and amber eases eye strain. Green lenses enhance contrast outdoors. You can stock up on quality styles affordably for your store through bulk sunglasses sellers.

Cover Up with Lightweight Layers

Another way to protect yourself is by covering up with clothing engineered to block UV radiation. Certain fabrics either absorb or reflect sunlight to keep rays from penetrating through to your skin.

Natural fibers like cotton, linen, hemp, and silk offer better UV resistance when densely woven with a tighter knit. Synthetic fibers like nylon and polyester can also be manufactured to limit UV penetration while wicking moisture.

Keep Cool With Strategic Styles

Beyond shielding your skin, dressing for summer also means staying cool as temperatures rise. Certain styles prioritize airflow and breathability across seasons:

  • Lightweight button-down shirts and blouses in breezy fabrics.
  • Shorts, skorts, skirts and dresses in breathable knits or vented cuts.
  • Flowy pants in linen, cotton blends and moisture wicking synthetics.
  • Open-toed sandals that secure around the ankle or with straps.
  • Matching sets that allow you to mix and match coordinating pieces.

Prioritize natural fibers and blends that feel cool against the skin, and don’t forget bathing suits designed for athletic activity. You want to stay dry even when soaked with water.

Hydrate in Style

Staying hydrated is critical for maintaining energy and regulating body temperature in the heat. But lugging around a disposable plastic water bottle doesn’t exactly complement one’s style.

Elevate your hydration gear with reusable bottles that make a fashionable accessory. Sleek insulated stainless steel options keep contents cold for hours. Infuse fruit for a refreshing flavor.

Stylish collapsible silicone bottles pack down small then pop back up when filled. Vibrant colors and patterns turn hydration into a statement. Or opt for classic glass bottles and customized sleeve covers.

Accent Looks with Summer Jewels

Transition your jewelry collection for the season by accents looks with light and colorful adornments. Both metals and palettes take on a summery appeal.

Replace heavier gold tones with shimmering silver, rose gold and platinum pieces. Pair your new metal of choice with pearls, shells, beads, and nautical charms. Turquoise and coral complement sun-kissed skin.

Adorn wrists with stacks of slender bangles, anklets, or friendship bracelets. Pull back hair with ornate silver barrettes and cuffs. Drape necklaces in beads or natural materials like bamboo and wood and keep earrings tiny and delicate or make a splash with statement tassel and chandelier styles.


Prepare mind, body, and wardrobe for a fashionable summer by following our tips. Stock up on essentials providing protection, breathability, hydration, and lightweight adornments perfect for the season. Then go out and soak up that sunshine in style.

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