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Top 8 Property Management Firms In San Antonio

Homeowners and real estate investors hire property management firms to maintain a residence’s status quo and appease its occupants. These companies look over the daily operations of your real estate and houses while also dealing with questions or concerns of the tenants. Property management San Antonio firms take care of every aspect of a rental home, from marketing your vacant space, signing leases to collecting rents, and calling for any necessary repairs.

Top San Antonio Property Management Firms

Let’s check out the list of the best firms operating in San Antonio that you can rely on for property management.

1.   The Pyramis Company

The Pyramis Company specializes in property management as it has been in business since 1985. The firm takes a comprehensive approach to all the necessary operations to keep its clients’ investments profitable and the tenants safe and satisfied.

Always innovative, always involved, the Pyramis Company has been recognized as a leader in the property management profession. The Pyramis Company currently manages single-family units, as well as small apartments, in the San Antonio and Bexar County area. They are widely recognised as one of the most successful professional property management companies in San Antonio.

2.    Belmares Properties

Belmares properties provide property management services to real estate investors and homeowners looking to fill up their vacant houses. The company is based in San Antonio and offers services such as handling your marketing to fill vacant properties, verifies the applicants, performs regular inspections while collecting monthly payments. They also coordinate repair services and offer regular maintenance of your residential property.

3.    John Chunn Realty, LLC

John Chunn Realty LLC has been providing property management services since 2007. It offers a wide variety of options to homeowners and real estate investors in San Antonio. Services include market research, advertising to fill up vacancies, screening tenants, and negotiating leases.

Company agents handle rent collection and answer all the questions of the tenants. The firm also takes care of your property by scheduling regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

4.    Keyrenter Property Management

Keyrenter Property Management, based in San Antonio, provides property management services and helps clients set up reliable revenue streams by filling their vacant properties. The company reaches out to all of the interested tenants and screens them by performing proper background checks to assess liability and financial solvency.

The company handles the maintenance of your property and provides convenient online options for rent payments. Keyrenter property management offers a complete array of services to homeowners and real estate holders.

5.    Asset Property Management, Inc.

Asset Property Management, Inc property management San Antonio, delivers management and oversight services to associations that govern neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and other types of living establishments.

This firm provides long-term personalized service to its clients. The company handles all your duties as an owner, providing services like rent collection, payment to third parties, administrative work, facilitates board meetings, and coordinates the maintenance work throughout the communities.

6.    Liberty Management

Liberty Management has been a certified residential management company since October 2011 and operates out of 7217 Bandera Road, San Antonio. The firm is a full-service real estate company that offers reliable and hassle-free property management services. Liberty management has been featured in three of America’s award-winning magazines. With years of experience, the company has an established record of successfully serving homeowners and investment property owners.

7.    Macanta

Macanta is a property management company that specializes in vacant rentals. The company serves the San Antonio metro area and manages every aspect by marketing vacant properties, responding to inquiries, and facilitating the booking process. Macanta also provides maintenance and house-keeping services for your property.

The firm dedicates all its efforts to provide the most effective and transparent management services for your properties.

8.    Mission San Antonio Property Management

Mission San Antonio Property Management is a full-service residential property management firm based in San Antonio. The company is firmly committed to keeping your property rented at all times by having rentals ready the day after a move-out. The company handles the screening of the tenants, rent collection, and bookkeeping services.

Mission San Antonio property management firm allows a secure communication portal between the owners and the tenants to provide real-time data of your property. The company also specializes in property maintenance services.


Property management San Antonio firms provide real estate investors and homeowners property management services for their vacant properties. These firms help the owners find the right tenant for their properties and make the process smooth and hassle-free for both parties. All of these firms are trustworthy and have been in the property management business for decades.

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