Bean Bag Chair – A Fun Seating Option For Kids, Teens, and Adults

Bean bag chairs provide a fun seating solution for children, teens, and adults of all ages. Furthermore, these chairs can help those suffering from sensory issues relax more effectively.

West Elm offers this modern pick with its sleek cover and 110 color choices. Order free swatches before making your decision. You can opt for something that perfectly suits your interior design when you choose a bean bag chair.

The Best Overall Pick

Bean bag chairs provide versatile seating solutions suitable for kids, tweens, and teens of all ages – as well as adults! Bean bag chairs add color or pattern to an otherwise neutral room or can even fit right in with more formal living spaces.

Bean bags made of foam or expanded polystyrene beads (EPS beads) tend to provide the most comfortable experience, offering support while remaining supportive over time compared to cotton chairs that flatten over time.

When purchasing a bean bag chair, look for one with a machine-washable cover to make cleaning up spills or messes easier. Also, check if the company provides replacement covers and refills so you can keep your chair looking new; cheaper models typically have stiff or stained covers, so opt for higher-quality models instead.

The Best for Kids

Providing your children with a bean bag chair to use in their bedroom or any nook of the family room or basement could make all the difference when reading, doing homework, watching a movie, etc. Many feature soft covers and supportive foam filling, which will help your children sit up straighter while reading, doing homework, or watching films.

To ensure the comfort of your children, choose a chair with a removable cover that can be machine-washed. Given their rough use of furniture, you’ll want to ensure it can stand up against spills and tears.

Kicic appreciates this patterned bean bag from Pottery Barn Kids as it comes in various styles – like R2-D2 and Sherpa bear – and can be personalized for an additional fee. He’s particularly fond of its GREENGUARD Gold Certification status, which meets rigorous chemical emissions standards to reduce indoor air pollution and is filled with recyclable EPS beads (similar to Styrofoam), which allow Kicic to refill it when it starts losing shape.

The Best for Small Spaces

This space-saving bean bag chair takes up minimal room, making it the ideal addition to small spaces. Packed with lightweight EPS polystyrene beads (similar to styrofoam) instead of typical beans for the enhanced support that conforms more closely to your body as you sit (although these beads can be somewhat challenging to dispose of correctly).

Through our tests, we discovered this chair to be both durable enough for kids and adults as well as easy to keep clean. It features machine-washable covers with zippered seals that keep any spills or crumbs out.

We appreciate that this chair comes equipped with a cover made from natural fibers, lending a cozy texture and making spot cleaning simpler. Crowder recommends cotton for durability, linen for heat environments, and velvet to add luxuriousness – avoid stretch jersey fabrics, which can become itchy.

The Best for Style

West Elm has the perfect modern bean bag chair to match any home decor – the luxurious West Elm bean bag chair comes in various sizes and fabrics (corduroy and boucle) to meet everyone’s needs – from children to adults alike! Additionally, this chair can be easily machine-washed or spot-cleaned for easy maintenance!

Fill material options include either EPS polystyrene beads or shredded foam. The former provides more of the classic bean bag experience as the beads shift and scrunch as you sit in the chair; on the other hand, shredded foam offers extreme cushiness with its bounce.

Bean bag chairs offer sensory processing disorder children proprioceptive input–the deep pressure needed to regulate posture and balance–via proprioceptive proprioceptive input (deep pressure input). Children can use it as a sitting surface, lie down safely on their stomachs, or use it as a crash pad while still receiving comforting proprioceptive pressure input from it.

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