Asking for Help Is Never Too Late

Two friends wanted to ace their board exams. Both studied hard and secured good grades. But one of them always had problems with Chemistry. They did not like the subject much. They wanted to avoid it in his higher secondary classes.

After the board exam results were declared and the admissions for Class 11 were opened, the first friend who liked all the subjects opted for Maths, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. The second student, who was scared of Chemistry, took some more time to decide. They wanted to opt for Physics, Maths, Biology and Computer Science. But when they reached the admissions office, they found out that Chemistry was a compulsory subject in the Science stream.

The second student had no other choice but to opt for Chemistry, along with Maths and Computer Science. As they walked home, they wondered why it was that they had developed a fear of Chemistry. They remembered his education in the previous classes. They remembered how badly they wanted to study everything on their own. They found comfort in the fact that they were able to tackle all the subjects and related problems with efficiency.

But it was not easy for them. They did not opt for tuition for all these years at school. They spent more time studying and trying to find answers to their queries. They missed sports, games and other hobbies they had wanted to pursue due to a hectic study schedule. They recalled being promoted to Class 6 after their primary classes. They felt the topics were easy enough as the teacher explained everything thoroughly at school. But when they were promoted to Class 7, they began to face some fundamental difficulties in understanding Science – particularly Chemistry. Their school teacher helped him a lot. Yet they had thousands of questions in their mind that they wanted answers to.

Their parents were worried about their health as they did not participate in sports or any kind of social activities. They wanted to enrol them for tuition for Class 7. They had denied it. The same happened when they were promoted to Class 8 and Class 9. They had help from their friends in Class 10, but that did not suffice when it came to saving time.

Now, their experiences have taught them a lesson. They want to apply for Chemistry tuition in their 11th and 12th grades. They know Chemistry tuition will help them find relaxation in their study schedule. On second thoughts, they are also keen to opt for tuition classes for the other subjects. They found out that many of their classmates have already decided to join a popular tuition centre for Science subjects. They do not want to spend time researching for a tuition teacher. It is easy to just accompany their friends to tuition classes.

After all, life is short. And they want to explore other areas besides academics. The moral of the story is that it is never too late to ask for help.

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