Yubo: The Social Discovery App That Prioritizes Authentic Connections for Gen Z

Social media is an integral part of life for Generation Z. As digital natives who have never known a world without the internet. Gen Z relies on social platforms not just for entertainment but also for self-expression and forming connections. Yubo, a live social discovery app created in 2015, has become a top pick for Gen Z users looking to expand their social circles and interact with new people worldwide.

With users spanning over 140 countries, Yubo makes it easy for Gen Z to explore the world from home through features like livestreaming, group chats, and virtual hangouts. Thousands of livestreams are available daily for users to join, with unlimited viewers and up to 10 participants able to join a stream with the host. This global accessibility allows Gen Z to find and connect with people who share their interests, regardless of location.

According to social researcher Claire Madden, there needs to be more separation between online and offline existence for Gen Z. Communication on social platforms comes as naturally as face-to-face interaction. The frequency of these digital connections shapes Gen Z’s developing sense of identity and community. However, many current social sites emphasize quantity over quality, with metrics like followers and likes prioritizing genuine connections.

As a social discovery app without these approval metrics, Yubo aims to cultivate authentic friendships free from performative pressure. With user-friendly profile filtering and swiping features, Yubo members can easily find and direct message peers in their age group. Yubo users are encouraged to showcase their true personalities and interests when creating profiles by eliminating the focus on likes and followers.

Yubo believes “authentic connections are substantial to building a happier and more connected world.” The app’s founders sought to recreate the experience of real-life interactions online. That’s why Yubo prioritizes real-time engagement over passive content consumption. There is no need to wait for replies or new posts from other users. Members can instantly connect with whoever is live on the platform for spontaneous and organic conversations.

Safety is also paramount. Yubo employs extensive preventative measures, detection systems, and human moderation to ensure all users feel comfortable on the app. The company values transparency, equality, diversity, and work-life balance in building a welcoming community.

While traditional social media emphasizes content, follower counts, and engagement metrics, Yubo stands apart with its focus on cultivating genuine human connections. For Gen Z seeking meaningful interactions and friendships online, the Yubo social discovery app delivers an authentic alternative tailored to their needs.

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