What Will Things Be Like Once The Mold Remediation Service is Finished?

Becoming aware that mold was flourishing in your home wasn’t the happiest day of your life. Fortunately, you knew of a mold remediation service that could begin correcting the situation at once. Now that the work is done, it’s time to enjoy life without the presence of mold. Here are some of the things that have changed.

The Place Smells Much Better

While the scent wasn’t overwhelming, there was a faint aroma that you couldn’t quite place. It reminded you of clothes that had been tucked away in an old trunk for a long time, or maybe the earthy scent that dogs sometimes have after they’ve been in the rain and dried off inside. To some degree, you had gotten so used to the smell that it was barely noticeable.

Then the remediation crew showed up and got rid of all the mold. That underlying odor was no longer present. The house smells fresh in a way that it hasn’t in quite some time. Now that the odor is gone, you find that the place is a lot more inviting than before.

You’re Not Coughing and Sneezing Like Before

 Over the last few months, you’ve had moments when the overwhelming urge to cough or sneeze would arise. There didn’t seem to be any reason for that to happen. One thought was that you’d developed an allergic reaction to something in the home, or maybe something growing in the yard. While you thought about seeing a doctor, the frequency and severity wasn’t enough for you to actually make an appointment.

It’s been a few days since the mold was removed, and something nice has happened. Those sudden bouts of sneezing and coughing have gone away. As you think more about it, the slight congestion in the nostrils has also abated. There’s a good chance that the mold was causing the problem all along.

It’s Easier to Sleep The Entire Night

For the last few mornings, you’ve woken up and felt more refreshed. It’s not that you weren’t sleeping before, but something about the quality of the sleep has changed. For one thing, you’re sleeping through the entire night without waking up once.

Now that you think about it, the improved sleep began the night after the mold remediation service finished with your home. Part of what they did was flush out the air ducts, since they did find some mold inside of them. It’s highly likely that mold spores being pushed out of the vents with the forced air had something to do with your sleep issue.

You Feel More Energetic

It was easy enough to put your decrease in energy down as a symptom of getting older, or maybe not being as careful about the foods you would consume. The thing is that others in your age bracket seemed to have more energy, and your diet is really not that bad.

Here’s something that you should know: unexplained fatigue can be caused by mold exposure. The fact that you’re feeling more peppy since the remediation indicates that was the cause all along.

You’ll likely notice more changes as time goes by. Savor each of them, and appreciate the fact that having experts remove the mold has put you on the road to a higher quality of life.

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