Turning Heads With Temporary Tattoos: The Best Of Festival Fashion

Temporary tattoos are the trending thing now, with people realizing they can enjoy tattoos without having to get them permanently. The reason why temporary tattoos are on-trend is because of their versatility. In the past, you could only see them at parties, amusement parks, and such places. However, everything has changed, and temporary tattoos have reached the festive field industry.

When holding any festival event, temporary tattoos are a great addition to express your personality and sense of festiveness and make a style statement. Therefore, getting heads of these festivals with temporary tattoos. However, you must choose the best temporary tattoos to turn heads at the festivals. Here are vital things you should consider.

Design Options

One great thing about temporary tattoos is that they come in numerous designs. So, irrespective of your desire, you can use custom temporary tattoos to make a festival statement. You can even get realistic tattoos that resemble permanent tattoos. The market is open, and designers have been good at their creativity to bring you the best temporary tattoo designs.


Whether you want funny tattoos for a kids’ party or to make your Halloween party outstanding with Halloween tattoos, you can never go wrong with temporary tattoos. However, you must remember that the application process matters the most. If you want clean and long-lasting temporary tattoos, no matter the surface you apply them on, you must choose the ones with a flawless application process. The process should be easy without leaving sticky glue lines on the edges. The worst thing you want is temporary tattoos that only get distorted because you cannot figure out their application.


Anything that goes to your skin can jeopardize your health if it is unsafe. So, even when choosing temporary tattoos, it is essential to consider your skin safety. Make sure you buy your tattoos from reputable brands approved by the FDA. Even if applying temporary tattoos is a non-surgical procedure, the ink can still get absorbed into the skin, and if the ink contains toxic ingredients, the toxins could find their way to the bloodstream. Therefore, make sure your tattoos come from reputable brands.


Even if they are temporary tattoos, there is a period when you want to have the tattoo still intact. Some brands provide long-lasting tattoos for up to 14 days, while others go for about three days. So, choose the tattoos based on how long you intend to keep them. For example, if you are holding a tattoo party, you can go for tattoos that last for two days. Look for other factors like sweat and water resistance that help keep the tattoos intact. If you want a tattoo that will last a long time, ensure you pick one with high resistance to elements like water. It will make it possible to go swimming or take a long bath without removing the tattoo.

Closing Thoughts

Temporary tattoos are hard to ignore, especially for ink lovers who don’t want permanent commitment. They are a great way to make your festival season memorable and vibrant and a fun way of enjoying tattoos.

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