The Bidet Beckoned, Says Miki Agrawal

Miki Agrawal is a social entrepreneur and business owner. Of TUSHY, her newest endeavor. TUSHY is an innovative bidet company that promises to improve bathroom cleanliness in the easiest possible way. In her own words, Miki says, “TUSHY is the contemporary bidet brand for poopers.”

Miki Agrawal is considered to be an industry disruptor who introduces new ideas and solutions to challenges in traditionally “taboo” businesses.

Miki Agrawal is also the best-selling author of “Do Cool Sh*t” and “Disrupt-Her.” She has been recognized in Fast Company’s list of “Most Creative People,” “Young Global Leader” by the World Economic Forum, and “Most Impressive Women Entrepreneurs” by INC. magazine.

Miki’s background led her naturally into the bidet business.

“I’ve always loved bidets,” she says. “I am half Japanese and half Indian, and both cultures use bidets. In 2014, I acquired hyperthyroidism, which included pooping (a lot!). It was really unpleasant to use the toilet paper. My skin ached and I had to shower to relieve the agony. My current husband discovered an Asian bidet that revolutionized my life and I vowed to bring it to America. I wanted to create the best-in-class, sleek, contemporary bidet that was also culturally appropriate.”

Asked what her future ambitions for the company are, Miki Agrawal says that TUSHY’s ultimate objective is to become America’s favorite bidet brand. Most huge organizations lose the creative spark that made them successful in the first place. They believe they must be cautious about retaining clients. TUSHY’s major objective is to get bigger and more innovative. We’ll keep communicating to clients in simple terms and utilizing humor to bridge gaps. We’ll keep generating bold, interesting, and gorgeous campaigns. We realize that’s what makes us unique and draws people to us.

Miki Agrawal is determined not to be just a toilet brand. She feels strongly that her company’s authenticity, ingenuity, and innovation sets them apart and make them unique. “People are drawn to us by our wit, our marketing strategies, and our artwork,” she beams.

“In our marketing,” Agrawal continues, “we always do two things. The first is a relevant language that is authentic. No one wants to be sold to. They want to feel engaged with stuff they appreciate.” The easiest method to achieve this, Agrawal says, is to write marketing copy like you’re chatting to a dear friend. Break through boundaries and speak your customer’s language.

Second, Miki Agrawal urges you to keep your visual design on target, including font size, spacing, etc. It all matters. My team is challenged to produce designs that are fridge-worthy. Is this piece of art nice enough to hang on a fridge? You’ve done well if someone else wants to exhibit it in their house.

Moving forward, Miki’s idea of success is to find the thing she’s passionate about and pursue it. Doing what you love is the only thing that matters. Fearlessness is taking action in the face of fear, she continues. Sometimes we just need to ignore our fearful “what ifs” and go headfirst into something new, learning as we go.

Interested parties can reach Miki Agrawal at or on any of her social media accounts.

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