Surgeons in India? What are they Paid in India?

Doctors in India are highly respected. For almost everyone here, a surgeon is a life-saver. The families and well-wishers of patients consider surgeons no less than God. It is undoubtedly an exhaustive but most respectable job. For many students, an MS in Surgery is a dream. It is not an easy path either. But on the other hand, even if it’s not a smooth path, the reward for this profession is breathtaking. It’s indeed a highly rewarding career option with one of the highest salaries in the country.

Becoming a Surgeon in India

To become a surgeon in India, the medical student is required to wrap up an MBBS Degree (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery). The MBBS Program is an undergraduate degree program usually for five and half years. It includes an internship for a year too.

Pursuing Surgery MS Course


Post completion of MBBS, students need to obtain an MS in Surgery. It is a postgraduate-level course that takes around three years. Later, for specialised and advanced postdoctoral/doctoral degrees in surgery, an MCh degree can also be obtained. It is the highest degree in surgical science in India.

Also, some colleges may provide an integrated course in MS that extends for five years, inclusive of specialisation and advanced surgery. In such cases, the students may/may not choose Mch further.

Surgeons in India in Making

As mentioned, it is a rewarding profession but it requires rigorous training sessions, theoretical learnings, practical sessions, and exposure to tons of surgical excerpts. With us living in the digital era, there are tons of options for a surgery course online. For cracking the study with ease, surgery MS video lectures are highly helpful. Prof. Dr. Nilay Mandal’s Surgery MS course (digital) is indeed quite insightful for the students.

Complimenting studies with online resources, guidance from experienced faculty, and digital lectures is the need of the hour. Such study essentials provide an edge to the preparation. As per schedules and exhaustive information, flexibility is highly appreciated today. There is an option for a surgery course online too! Such surgery MS video lectures help medical students get insights into complex surgeries and syllabi from their comfort zone.

Surgeon Salary Per Month

Surgeon salaries in India change as per experience, age, location, and type of workplace. However, it is said that surgeons have the highest salaries of all and are the highest paid professionals in the medical field.

Salary of Interns

Fresh graduates start with lower salaries. Based on the personal experience of a Quora user, he reported that during the internship, in the final of MBBS (where students are posted in multiple clinical departments), the interns were paid around INR 10,000 per month.

Fresh graduates with an MS in Surgery can expect to earn between INR 60,000 to INR 1,00,000 per month. This initial pay can vary based on the institution and geographic location.

Experienced Surgeon Salary Per Month

As the years pass by, surgeons can see their salaries increase significantly because of the experience they possess. Surgeons with specialised skills or those on duty in high-demand areas have higher salaries as compared to others. Similarly, metropolitan surgeons possess more than those working in rural areas.

Recorded Data

As per GlassDoor, the salary of surgeons in India ranges between 4L-27L (INR). On the other hand, Ambition Box has a record of General Surgeon Salary in India with a range between INR 1.0 Lakhs to INR 30 Lakhs. The average salary annually is recorded to be INR 15.7 Lakhs. Also, as per their research, Senior Resident Surgeon salary in India is between INR 1.4 Lakhs to INR 22 Lakhs. The average annual package could be of INR 12 Lakhs.


Pursuing an MS in Surgery is demanding but fruitful. It all depends on how the students wish to study.  With a surgery course online, it gets better to study with flexibility. A good platform for Surgery MS video lectures can also help grasp concepts and prepare in the best way possible. So, decide and start your journey toward a Surgery MS Course today.

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