Should I Repair or Replace My Sump Pump?

Every property will require a sump pump for its plumbing needs. It is a distinct component that integrates with the primary system. Sump pumps are beneficial in preventing floods as they will remove water that accumulates around the basement. On the other hand, it is common for building owners or managers to neglect the equipment as the technicians will hide it away from sight. However, there are dire challenges that may arise from faulty sump pumps. So, it is crucial to know when to repair or replace the Pumpbiz sump pump. You do not want water to get into the building after a heavy storm.

The Need for Maintenance

A fully functional sump pump will protect the home décor and fittings from water damage. The components are easily destroyed when they contact water. However, taking a proactive approach to maintaining the sump pump will help you avoid flooding in the house. In the next section, we will look at the signs to consider whether to repair or replace the sump pump.

Signs to Replacing the Equipment

Despite engaging in regular care and the pump’s maintenance, you will need to replace it if it is more than seven years old. It is an indication that it is through its service life and will not be performing at optimum. On the other hand, the sump pump may continue working even after switching it off. It means there is no link between the switch and the power. It may not be capable of pushing the maximum capacity of water it needs to whenever it is running throughout. It is advisable to replace the equipment if it keeps running all the time.

Rust can destroy sump pumps, and it is vital to protect them against corrosion. The oxide that forms can block the internal parts rendering the pump useless. It is inevitable to replace it.

Signs to Repairing the Sump Pump

Apart from the few instances when you have to replace the pump or its components, most of the time, repairing the equipment will get it back in good condition. There are times that you will need to replace some parts of the sump pump. An experienced technician can easily replace the impeller when it loses its shape due to particles getting into the pump.

The pump may start making weird noises, mainly due to wear and tear. It is probably a jam around the impeller, or you need to oil the bearings. On the other hand, there is a problem when the sump pump turns on and off irregularly. It is an electrical issue that you can resolve by repairing the wiring system. However, it is critical to have an experienced technician handle it.

Whenever the motor findsit challenging to move, it may be because of dirt getting into the system.  Afilter can protect the motor and ensure it performs to its capabilities.


There are various options, and you need to consider the specifications when replacing the sump pump. However, always use a skilled technician with experience in handling sump pumps for your repair needs.

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