The manufacturing industry is growing fast. Therefore, manufacturing careers are essential for this industry, and these workers fill important positions in different sectors. And just like any other industry, some jobs are growing fast than others and offer potentially more for people working in those occupations. Check this list of the most promising careers in the manufacturing industry.

Mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest fields in the world of manufacturing. Mechanical engineers spend most of their time researching, developing, designing, building, inspecting, and testing mechanical parts. A mechanical engineer works on devices such as warner electric engines, brakes, clutches, thermal sensors, large machinery parts, etc.

Plant operator

A plant operator generally works in an industrial setting such as the gas, oil, or electricity industries as a supervisor. The work of a plant operator is to manage and oversee the entire operation in the industry to ensure the machines are operating as required and the employees are productive. They also must ensure safety within the working area. A plant operator’s job can be demanding and needs them to be very safety conscious and have experience in the field.

CNC operator

CNC is the abbreviated form of computer numerically controlled. A CNC operator is a highly skilled professional at using a CNC machine. They are trained in studying technical drawings, calibrating a CNC machine to produce the desired product based on the specifications, etc. They also come up with programs to control the processing or machining of metal or plastic parts through automatic machine tools. As such, the essential skills and experience required by a CNC operator are acquired through a technical school.

Instrument technician

The work of an instrument technician is to inspect, test, calibrate, repair, and monitor machinery devices. An instrument technician is skilled in using scientific and analytical software to observe readings of different machinery, which may be mechanical, electrical, nuclear, or pneumatic devices.

CAD draftsman

CAD means Computer-Aided Design. A CAD draftsman employs the CAD software to develop schematics and plans for product manufacturers, engineers, and architects. CAD drafters work closely with engineers to turn designs into technical drawings. Therefore they must possess a high degree of collaboration and listening skills. A CAD drafting technician must have a certificate or an associate’s degree.

Machine operator

Machine operators are skilled in working with various machines in a warehouse. To be a machine operator, you need more technical skills and physical stamina to operate machines. A machine operator knows how to safely use machines, maintain them, and troubleshoot any problems to ensure that they work accurately and timely to enhance production.

Assembly line worker

An assembly line worker mainly works in the production line or the manufacturing field. They have the skills to employ various machines and tools to assemble machinery parts according to the designed plan to end up with the desired product. TheThe work of an assembly line worker includes studying technical drawings or instructions, welding, calibrating machinery, using power tools, etc. They construct and assemble machinery such as engines, turbines, and other machines used in manufacturing industries.

The final words

Technical skills in the manufacturing industry are very marketable nowadays as more technological changes come up every day.

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