NYPD releases shocking video of stabbing attack at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art

NYPD releases shocking video of stabbing attack at NYC's Museum of Modern Art

Gary Cabana is seen allegedly stabbing two employees behind the desk, who scrambled for cover while trapped in the small space

The New York Police Department on Sunday released video showing the moment that a man allegedly stabbed two employees at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art over the weekend.

Gary Cabana, 60, was apparently upset that his membership card to the Manhattan museum was expired when he jumped over a reception desk on Saturday and stabbed the two employees in the back, collarbone, and back of the neck, police said.

“He became upset about not being allowed entrance and then jumped over the reception desk and proceeded to attack and stab two employees of the museum multiple times,” NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller said during a press conference.

The video released by police shows Cabana – wearing a surgical mask – entering the museum lobby through a revolving door. He then jumps over the counter toward three employees as a man carrying what appears to be a walkie-talkie frantically attempts to throw objects at the assailant.

Cabana repeatedly stabbed two employees behind the desk, both aged 24, who had scrambled for cover while trapped in the small space, the video shows.

After the attack, both victims – a man, and a woman — and the third person behind the counter managed to escape. The victims were in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital later in the day.

The midtown Manhattan museum evacuated its patrons Saturday afternoon and remained closed on Sunday. Users on social media posted that museum-goers ran for the exits in confusion and chaos after the stabbing.

Yuichi Shimada, who was present at the time of the attack, tweeted he was on the second floor when a couple suddenly came running toward him, and he heard security guards’ radios throughout the museum loudly announcing something at the same time.

“It was chaotic, partly because it was snowing, with a group of young women in a panic and crying,” Shimada said. “Not being good with claustrophobia myself, I headed for the exit early.”

Cabana managed to run off after the stabbings. On Sunday morning, police asked the public for help in finding him.

Miller noted that Cabana’s membership had been revoked for two separate incidents of disorderly behavior at the museum in recent days.

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