Mark Roemer Oakland Looks at Things to Consider When Purchasing Your Next Bicycle


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, choosing a bicycle is not easy for a first-time buyer since there are so many options and you have to consider so many factors. If you don’t have a proper understanding of your requirements and what makes a good bicycle, you might choose a bicycle that is not suitable for your needs and suffer from buyer’s remorse later on.

The Factors

Here are a few factors to consider when purchasing your next bicycle:

  1. The correct size – It is crucial to choose a bicycle that fits your size to enjoy a comfortable tide and prevent problems such as back pain, neck pain, and other injuries down the line. In order to choose a bicycle that is suitable for your size, you have to consider the handlebar height, frame size, pedal position, and saddle height.

You can use online tools to calculate your ideal bike frame size. It is better to opt for bikes that feature adjustable handlebar heights. Otherwise, you have to take your inseam measurement and choose a bike with a saddle height that allows you to fully extend your knees with a little bend for comfort. The handlebar should match the height of your seat.

  1. The gear system – The type of gear system you want in your bicycle depends on the terrain that you will ride your bike and also on your physical fitness. Typically, if you are physically fit, want to drop a few pounds, or would primarily ride over flat terrains such as city roads and pavements, it is better to opt for single-speed road bikes. These are lightweight and easier to ride for beginners and most intermediate riders.

If you are physically unfit but want to ride over slopes and hardcore climbs, you can opt for mountain bikes for an easier climb. If you are unsure, you can choose hybrid bikes to enjoy the best features of both types.

  1. The brake system – It is crucial to choose a bicycle with a good brake system in order to minimize the risk of accidents. In most cases, it is ideal to choose bikes with disc brakes since they work in all-weather conditions. And, if you have the budget, you can opt for hydraulic disc brakes which are better but require more maintenance.

Rim brakes require little maintenance, are easy to replace, and are good for dry weather conditions. Drum brakes require even less maintenance but lack the stopping power required for dirt trails.

  1. The suspension system – A good suspension system ensures you enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride even when riding on uneven terrains. Full-suspension systems offer the most comfortable ride but add extra weight to the bike which requires more pedaling power. In most cases, the front suspension is enough for most hybrid and mountain bikes. Bikes with no suspension are only suitable for general commuting or touring.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests you consider buying a used bike if you have a low budget. However, you must inspect the drivetrain of the bike and ensure the chain, cranks, rear cogs, derailleurs, and more are in good condition before making a final decision. Plus, you must also inspect the brake system, suspension, and wheels.

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