Whether you like dancing for fun, fitness, or practicing for professional purposes, having a good dancing floor is the key to enjoying your art, and it motivates you to keep up with your routine. Do you like to practice modern dance, classics, Zumba, ballroom, or ballet? As a dancer, you interact with the dance floor more than any other part of the performance studio, so you have to trust your dance floor entirely. Here are the key things to evaluate to identify the right dance flooring for your needs.

Technical specifications

In most cases, your dance style mostly dictates the technical specifications you need for your new dance flooring. For instance, if you practice more energetic dance styles, you need a dance floor with a good shock absorbent surface to minimize any risks of injuries. Other dance styles such as Irish dancing or tap are best suited for dance floors that offer the best clean and crisp sound, while ballet dancers require a noise dampening dance floor instead.


Portable dance floors are suited for special occasions such as dance tournaments, sports events, weddings, birthdays, roadshows, and dance competitions. A portable dance floor enables you to keep up with your dancing routine regardless of where you are.

When it comes to a portable dance floor, consider its quality and ease of storage since it can take a considerable amount of space. The best advice is to stick to reliable and trusted brands. You can find portable dance floor at junckers.co.uk, which comes with prefabricated lightweight panels for easy assembling and disassembling.


How your dance floor will be used, and the environment also comes into play. If you have a dance studio or public dance hall, permanent or semi-permanent dance flooring such as solid hardwood is suitable. On the other hand, portable dance floors are ideal for multi-use spaces such as multipurpose studios, school halls, and other rooms to avoid damage to the normal floor during the dance activities. For example, if your house is carpeted, you only need a portable dance floor to cover a small area to accommodate your dance routine.


The finish or last look of the dance floor is also critical since you want to keep your dance studio looking professional and well maintained. The finish is essential if you host dance performances and occasional special dances in your dance studio. Here, you have a wide range of options, from a custom printed floor, traditional wood-style flooring and vinyl flooring solutions. The right aesthetics for your dance floor enhance creativity and motivation for the dancers.


Dance floors take a lot of activity day in day out since dancing is all about expression and doing it with all your energy. Considering the amount of motion that a dance floor takes, it should be built with durability in mind.


Whenever you invest in a dance flooring solution, it is best to look for a company that offers a warranty for their work. The period of warranty depends on the company and how quality their work is. Work with a trusted and reliable floor installation company.

The bottom line

Having the right dance floor is a beneficial investment to your health and the maintenance of your dance studio.

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