Juan Monteverde

Juan Monteverde’s work, combined with his colleagues’ efforts, has earned his firm a reputation for honesty, integrity, and professionalism. This reputation is held by the firm’s clients and their lawyers alike. Attorneys from other firms often seek out Monteverde & Associates for help on cases the other firms believe to be too difficult or challenging to pursue.

Juan Monteverde contributes to various articles on consumer and investment-related topics. He has appeared as a legal expert on television and radio programs, discussing fraud issues in the marketplace. He is recognized as a leading expert on securities class action lawsuits. Mr. Monteverde & Associates has earned the respect of its peers and clients through the quality of its work and by embracing new ideas and technologies to serve them better.

The firm is dedicated to bringing its clients quality legal services and advocacy for their interests. The firm’s lawyers are well known for their astute understanding of legal issues and commitment to excellence.


Mr. Monteverde’s career is one of his outstanding accomplishments. His practice has evolved over the years, and he has added other areas of expertise, including representation of municipalities in bankruptcy and representing citizens against financial institutions where the client feels they were misled by a banker or are being harassed by a mortgage servicer.His law firm has also successfully represented people who were the victims of fraud committed by mortgage brokers, medical personnel, and others. In some instances, the firm could obtain full or partial refunds for its clients.His engagements at ACI, PLI, ABA, and CBI have focused on securities litigation, class action, and other complex fraud, regulatory issues, and municipal finance. He has written and lectured extensively on securities litigation and SEC enforcement actions. His work at ACI includes speeches before the United States House of Representatives Subcommittee on Oversight of the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). Mr.


In his career, Mr. Monteverde has been guided by his principles of excellence, honesty, and integrity, as well as an unbending commitment to fairness, accuracy, and compassion. His work has been marked by his willingness to investigate a case from every possible angle and present it effectively and persuasively.

Monteverde often handles cases on behalf of individuals who have incurred losses due to corporate fraud, whether perpetrated by the company, its officers, directors, or other employees. He has represented shareholders in numerous class actions, including a case against American International Group (AIG), Inc.

Case Summaries

Mr. Monteverde has handled securities fraud and manipulation cases, including insider trading and company tipping on investment recommendations. He has represented consumers in securities fraud, mortgage servicing, and a host of other situations that have caused damage to individuals and their families.

The damage has been severe in some of the cases he has handled. In others, the clients have not been able to see any real tangible improvement in their lives in return for the time and effort they spent in pursuing his representation.

Gary G. Glassman represents Mr. Monteverde, Senior Partner at Monteverde & Associates P.C. Glassman is an accomplished trial lawyer who has appeared before judges across the nation, including all three branches and several state and federal courts of appeal. Glassman has more than 30 years of experience defending clients against corporate fraud and misconduct. His extensive knowledge of securities litigation has led to recoveries totaling more than $1 billion for investors harmed by misrepresentations in financial statements, insider trading, and other securities law violations.

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