How to Ensure the Most Accurate Freight Quotes

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While it is very easy to get freight shipping quotes thanks to emerging technology, an accurate and cost-saving shipment quote lives and dies by the accuracy of the provided information. How costly a shipment is depending on many different factors, from size to value all the way to the distance between the pickup and drop-off. Prices for these quotes have been soaring in recent years, worrying many customers and shippers alike. To get the best freight quotes online, then, means you have to obtain and verify some very critical information.

Providers like Cota Systems® ensure that users get fair and fast freight quotes online, but of course some information needs to be provided to ensure an accurate end quote. Get your fast and accurate quote here:

We show you what information is necessary to get an accurate shipping freight quote.

What Information Is Necessary for An Accurate Quote?

It used to be a lot more complicated and painstaking to get fair quotes for shipments. Technology, connectivity and proprietary truck dispatch software has made those processes a lot easier. However, it’s still important to gather the most necessary information in advance. Some of the most important information includes:

  • Pickup and Dropoff: The distance between the pickup and drop-off has a huge effect on the final freight quote. The more accurate the information you can give about the pickup and drop-off the better. But not only the distance is relevant. There are many other pieces of the puzzle to consider, such as the geographic location of the pickup and drop-off (remote areas, hard-to-reach places) as well as the type of the venue (residential, airports…). To get accurate freight quotes online, make sure that you have the exact details of the venues you need to ship your freight between.
  • The total weight and size: The weight of the freight has another huge effect on the final freight quote. The heavier the weight, the more difficult it may be to transport. This, in turn, has an effect on the truck that may be needed to carry the load as well as some restrictions on roads it may be able to travel on.

With some shipments, it may be prudent to not only consider the weight but also the size of the shipment itself. Here, it also helps to be as detailed as possible to ensure the most accurate freight shipping quotes possible. When requesting a quote with Cota Systems®, the algorithm needs only minimal weight and size information to provide accurate quotes which is especially important for overseas shipping. Unlike traditional LTL shipments, the quotes will also never be re-rated so the prices won’t increase.

  • LTL or FTL?: LTL stands for “less than truckload”, whereas FTL means “full truckload”. A shipping is an LTL shipping if it does not occupy the entire truck. Aside from weight concerns, how much you are able to ship in one go will have an effect on the free freight quotes you will receive.
  • The type of shipment: Lastly, the type of shipment has another huge effect on the final freight quotes. Perishable items need to be delivered faster and can have an effect on the price. The same goes for items that need to be delivered by a certain deadline or under certain conditions. Cota Systems® makes this easy – using the F.A.K (freight of all kinds) classifications makes shipping different kinds of freight as LTL shipments a lot easier, which gives more margin back to the trucker.

As you can see, there are quite a few factors to consider before applying for free freight quotes online. And those are just the most important ones. Consider whether your freight is stackable to save room, make sure you know exactly what the freight consists of and also be informed of the total value of your shipment – the latter can have a huge impact on the final freight shipping quote. Last but not least, the date on which you ship can affect the quote – holiday shipping, for example, will often add a surcharge to the final price you will receive.

How To Avoid Unnecessary Extra Fees on Freight Quotes?

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Once you have collected all the information above, it may be tempting to immediately request a quote to ship the freight as soon as humanly possible. However, there are a few extra factors to consider to make sure that your final freight quotes stay low and fair:

  1. It is always important to consider where you get your freight quotes These days, there are many options on the internet, many of which make lofty promises.

Doing some research in advance and maybe even requesting multiple quotes from different places is the way to go when shipping freight in the modern world. Proprietary free software like Freight Pro® is especially useful when you are shipping a lot of products regularly. That way, you can easily track shipments, access customer service and always have an overview over your freight. Another good idea is to double-check how the load should be shipped, as there are quite a few differences between shipping across sea, air and land.

  1. Freight company quotes should always be checked for details. This will ensure that the information you have provided is accurately reflected. Double-check that every detail you have given is also included in the final quote – that way you not only make sure that the price you have been given for the freight shipping quotes is fair, but also help eliminate any mistakes you may have made in the initial process of requesting the shipping freight quote.
  1. Make sure that the information you provide is up-to-date. If the shipping date is further into the future, remember that things may change. It is smart to request quotes ahead of time to prepare, but this can also lead to LTL shipping quotes that may be different if changes occur. If you are unsure, it might be a good idea to wait until the shipping date inches closer before making a final decision on which information you can provide.

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There are many things to consider when requesting international freight quotes as well as domestic quotes. They all come with their own challenges and can become very complicated, with a lot of factors to consider. As long as you focus on the basics such as size, dates, the type and value of load as well as the venues, you are already a step ahead and can plan with ease.

If you got a shipment that needs taken care of, request a free and accurate shipping quote through Cota Systems® now to ensure a fast and accurate quote that fits your needs so you can focus on the important things.

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