How to Clean Your Car for Sale

When we consider the many tasks and expenses that make up what we know as “car maintenance”, cleaning a car comes out as perhaps the easiest of them all. For one thing, cleaning a car doesn’t cost very much, doesn’t require professional help (unless you’re aiming for a real deep clean), doesn’t require much specialist equipment and, ultimately, doesn’t actually affect the performance of the car at all. This is precisely what leads many to assume that cleaning a car is just a matter of comfort and pride. Nevertheless, it may come as a surprise to many that cleaning your car can actually add to its value.

The Value of Cleaning

First off, the value of a clean car can be intangible. People judge cars based on first impressions – and not only when they’re buying them! In all sorts of situations, the first impression a clean car makes can be the difference between success and failure, in everything from job interviews to social engagements.

Of course, if you are selling your car, then cleaning can take on a more definite value. It has been claimed, for example, that cleaning a car thoroughly can increase its value by 10%. And whatever the precise figure, it’s intuitively obvious that a clean car will sell easier (and for more) than a dirty one.

Dealing with Dealerships

Southern California-based used car dealership CarFastCash, a well-connected company with outlets in LA Country, San Diego, Riverside County, and more, routinely exhibit cars in their best condition.The same is true of almost any reputable dealership. So, this displays right away that cleaning is important, but very often it is done by the dealership and not you. The cleaning and restoration resources available to a dealership will always be far more extensive than any wielded by an individual car owner. For this reason, car cleaning is often done as a matter of routine (it costs them very little). This is not always the case, but it is something to bear in mind where dealerships are concerned. Of course, if you are selling privately, then cleaning is much more important. Here follows then some car-cleaning tips to consider:

Wash It

Specifically, this applies to the exterior of the car and, along with the general condition of the interior, is probably the most important step. Again, this is simply because of the power of the first impression. Be sure to target the dirtiest parts of the car, specifically the grime-caked wheels and fenders. Get a good bristly brush and scrub all of that off. The rest of the car is more straightforward and will involve a sponge scrub with a soap solution and a good hose down.

Detail It

Detailing refers to giving attention to the smaller parts of a car’s bodywork and touching them up. This can be a more intensive clean or it could be dealing with things like faded paintwork or superficial damage. Detailing could involve any number of tasks, but it’s worth doing.

Clean the Interior

When it comes to cleaning the interior, a good move is to pull out everything removeable before you begin. Not only will these items be much easier to clean when they are removed from the car, but their removal will reveal all the little nooks and crannies where dirt collects. First off, vacuum into these spaces before whipping out the upholstery cleaner to deal with stains and marks.See to special materials like leather before cleaning the windows last.

Do all of this properly, and you really will be faced with what seems like a different car before your eyes; a car that will sell.

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