How Social Media Verification has Helped Musicians Multiply their Revenues

Getting your account verified on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another social platform can do wonders for your music career. Let’s look at the benefits of social media verification for musicians.

A verified social media account can provide instant credibility and social proof when someone looks your brand up online. Social media verification for musicians and other artists works much the same way. Musicians can benefit from tapping into the extraordinary potential and limitless possibilities that social media verification offers. That little blue tick next to your brand name certifies your authenticity, allowing you to enhance your fan base way beyond your initial hopes and expectations.

For musicians who take this step, it is a means to gather a loyal and solid online following that leads to increased revenues. Verification also helps with networking and pushes your brand to the industry’s forefront as a trusted option.

More recently, we’ve seen a rapidly increasing number of people and brands with the coveted blue tick on social media platforms. Accounts with blue ticks generally belong to popular celebrities or well-established public figures. The blue tick means that the social media platform has verified that an account is authentic.

Verification provides you with trustworthiness and credibility. Getting your account verified on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or another social platform can do wonders for your music career. Let’s look at the benefits of social media verification for musicians.

Boost Authenticity

When customers see the blue verification badge, they are more likely to follow your page. This is because there are plenty of imposters on social media. In addition, people are more comfortable supporting a page that the social media platform’s team has approved.

Attract Other Brands

Other companies are twice as likely to engage with another brand on social media if it’s verified. There are approximately 90 million small businesses on Facebook. The verified brands will be taken more seriously than ones that aren’t, and better the chances of multiplying revenues.

Gain Access to Special Features

Most social media platforms offer some specific perks to verified account holders. These typically enhance your ability to engage with audiences, generate more interest in your brand, and hence, increase your potential to earn higher revenues. For instance, the swipe-up link feature on Instagram stories is generally available for those accounts with over 10,000 followers. However, those who are verified are an exception to this rule.

Greater Brand Awareness

It has been reported that fewer than 1% of social media accounts are verified. A company whose social media page bears that coveted blue tick is perceived as relevant, meaningful, and valuable. It makes followers more interested in your brand even before they know what you have to offer.

Doing what it takes to get verified results in your brand means having a stronger influence over followers and more authority in your niche. In addition, musicians who are verified on social media attract higher revenues. Although the process of social media account verification may not be quite as simple, you can follow some basic principles to help you through it. First, you need to build and maintain a healthy following and engagement. Research hashtags that are most helpful in increasing your visibility to reach a wider audience and improve your overall engagement.

Another avenue is to cross-promote content on all relevant social media platforms. By establishing a presence across multiple social media pages, you are more likely to be recognized as a worthy influencer. Also, remember that social media account verification is based on the platform’s intent. Each platform should be able to see that an authentic human is running the social media page. You can also hire an agency specializing in PR and marketing services and social media verification services to ease the process.

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