Give Parents of Newborns the Support They Need

Yes, parents decide to birth and raise their newborn. However, it does not mean they do not need help at all. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but sometimes, whether in single-parent households or two-parent households, it may be difficult to find a reliable babysitter for the once-a-month date nights or if parents have doctors appointments for themselves.

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Offer to Come Over to Help

Parents are jumping headfirst into a wonderful lifelong role to where they may forget to take care of themselves. Newborns need around-the-clock care and nurturing with bottle feeding, naps, and sleep guidance.

Whether you are a family member or a friend to the new parents, offer to come over to help. Some parents may feel that they do not need help, but reassure them that you are here for whatever they need.

It’s easy to forget a self-care routine when you have a newborn. Mothers and fathers will miss showers, lack sleep, or even forget to eat when caring for their little ones. Something as simple as entertaining and caring for the baby while the parents eat, take a shower, or even run a quick errand by themselves can be much appreciated.

Be a Listening Ear

In between your visits with the newly expanded family, be that listening ear for the new mother or father. Whether by a phone call or a quick text message, listen to what they have to say. Give them advice if they need it. Sometimes talking about their rollercoaster of emotions can help them to get organized so they feel less overwhelmed transitioning into their new life chapter as a parent.

Make the New Parents a Meal

Especially since most parents forget to eat in between caring for their newborn, this can cause sluggishness on top of the fatigue already felt from lack of sleep. Cook the new parents a meal that they would appreciate and have at least enough for a few nights’ worths of leftovers.

Alternatively, if you do not have the talent of a chef, you can give the parents a gift card to their favorite restaurant so that they can order takeout for a date night at home once the baby is asleep.

Go the extra mile and babysit the little ones as they go out for a date. If you are helping a single parent, take the baby for the evening so the new mother or father can go out and mingle with friends and do something that they love. Reconnecting with their adult self is essential for not losing themselves as they transition into parenthood.


There are many ways that you can help parents of newborns to get the support that they need. All you have to do is ask how you can help them. Parenting is a lovely duty with a lot of balance to achieve amongst other work and home responsibilities, but it is that much more rewarding, especially when it can be done with the help of other family members and friends.

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