Finding the Best Defense Attorney in Texas: What To Look For

Choosing your ideal legal representative can be stressful, especially if you’re not quite sure what to look for. Since the Lone Star State is home to thousands of experienced attorneys, determining the best defense attorney in Texas can feel overwhelming. Luckily, knowing the traits of a great attorney can help you narrow down your top picks for the job. Here are the qualities of an outstanding criminal defense attorney and a few picks for some of the best defense attorneys in Texas based on these qualities.

Experience and Qualifications

The most important aspect of an outstanding attorney is their experience and qualifications. A qualified attorney should have at least five years of experience in criminal defense with a longstanding history of handling criminal defense cases. Good attorneys should also have a range of expertise in defending a variety of criminal charges, as every criminal defense case is unique and deserving of qualified representation. Ideally, an attorney should know all the ins and outs of a courtroom and possess experience in defense, prosecution, and judgment. Furthermore, an attorney’s dismissal or acquittal rate is crucial to their success in representing a client. An outstanding defense attorney commonly has a dismissal or acquittal rate of 90% or higher.


The best attorneys need to be great communicators, as it’s pivotal that a client is aware of the legal proceedings in order to understand their options and upcoming processes. An attorney should always keep an open line of communication with their client and be willing and able to answer any questions. Frequent communication with a defense attorney is an effective way to determine proper defense strategies to achieve the desired outcome for your case. Moreover, an attorney who is a subpar communicator is unlikely to win a case in front of a judge.

Negotiation Skills and Connections

An outstanding attorney will have connections throughout the legal system and experience with negotiating. For criminal cases that can’t be settled outside of court, it’s important to have an attorney who is familiar with courtroom negotiation and with a known ability to steer the court into beneficial deals or outcomes. A well-connected attorney will have access to the local community of prosecutors, judges, and other attorneys and can use a colleague’s knowledge to achieve the best possible outcome for a client’s case.

The Best Defense Attorney in Texas

If you’re taking all of these qualities into consideration when choosing among defense attorneys, you’ll find clear standouts for the best defense attorney in Texas, such as Rick Cofer of Cofer & Connelly, Stephen Barrera of BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys, and Scotty Jones of Dunham & Jones. With each of these firms and attorneys providing award-winning representation, you can feel confident knowing you’ll receive top-rated criminal defense counsel from specialists with all the qualities that an outstanding defense attorney should possess. Here are just some of the reasons why these three firms and attorneys can be considered among the best in Texas.

Outstanding Expertise and Qualifications

Throughout his career, Rick Cofer has received dozens of accolades in the criminal defense sector and has maintained a dismissal or acquittal rate of over 94% for the past four years. Stephen Barrera acts as a part-time judge and has expertise in a wide range of cases, from misdemeanors to felonies involving everything from a speeding ticket to drug charges and capital murder. Scotty Jones has managed thousands of clients over his multidecade career and has supervised hundreds of jury trials. It’s evident that if you’re looking for advanced expertise and qualifications, you should look no further than Rick Cofer, Stephen Barrera, and Scotty Jones.

Masterful Communication Skills

Cofer and the partners at Cofer & Connelly are known for their client-focused culture and maintain close contact with all of their clients to ensure their case’s ideal outcome is met. Stephen Barrera was awarded best speaker during the St. Mary’s Law School 1L Moot Court Competition. Dunham & Jones has 17 fully staffed law offices throughout Texas providing a variety of local consultations for no money down, with Scotty Jones managing the Dallas-Fort Worth division, one of the largest criminal defense firms in the DFW metroplex. BRCK Criminal Defense Attorneys is known for analyzing cases with clients to determine the best path forward. All of these lawyers and firms display masterful communication skills with an emphasis on client engagement and positive legal outcomes.

Negotiation Centered With Unparalleled Connections

Communication is key in attorney/client interactions. Rick Cofer is known for his negotiation approach and is incredibly well connected throughout Texas, holding myriad community leadership positions in Austin. Barrera is regarded as one of the best trial lawyers in his field and is a member of the San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. Jones has handled criminal cases in six different counties and belongs to a firm with unparalleled connections and a No. 1 goal of negotiating a case dismissal or reduced sentence. With Rick Cofer, Stephen Barrera, and Scotty Jones each possessing a web of connections and a reputation for reduced sentencing, they’re all worth considering when looking for the best criminal defense attorney in Austin.

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