Executive Consultancy & You: Kevin Modany Outlines Best Methods For Finding Best Outcomes

As a leading industry insider and the Managing Director at Bluerock Partners, Kevin Modany has enjoyed making momentous decisions throughout his career. A professional executive consultant and an industry mover-and-shaker, Modany took time out of his day to share some tips and tricks that have helped him become the industry leader he is today.

Let’s explore the world of executive consultancy while working to understand better how to succeed within it.

The Role of a Consultant

We are living in increasingly competitive times. The internet has connected the global marketplace, meaning businesses are no longer competing with just their neighbors but every business on the planet. As the marketplace has grown increasingly competitive, businesses are turning to expert consultants to make better decisions, and this is where Kevin Modany steps into the equation.

After performing thorough research, people like Modany can help guide businesses toward the solutions and choices that best serve them going forward.

Let’s look at how Kevin Modany approaches his work as a consultant.

Perform a Competitive Analysis

While discussing the realities of a global marketplace, we must understand how to rise above the competition. Kevin Modany endeavors to undertake thorough competitive analysis before ushering in solutions for his clients.

Competitive analysis involves a closer examination of the local, regional, and national markets and how each competitor compares to the original business. A thorough analysis of the competition can go a long way toward finding real solutions.

Initiation Clearer Communication Techniques

Clear and concise communication between two parties can set the stage for the best and most favorable outcomes. Kevin Modany says that clear communication is integral to his work, but it comes with a caveat.

Modany says, “I don’t believe in anything other than being honest and forthright. Sometimes, it’s painful, but you’ve got to be truthful. And that’s the way I am and the way I have always been.”

Define the Problem at Hand

Businesses are constantly overcoming new struggles and old hurdles, which means we must always cleanly define the problems at hand. Kevin Modany suggests taking the time for executive consultants to analyze situations while limiting the factors that may escalate to a solution. By cleanly refining the problem, Kevin Modany and his team can better understand how to resolve the issue.

Kevin Modany suggests following a Universal Assignment Template to give built-in guidelines to every potential interaction to make matters easier. This Evergreen Structure can be amended and modified to meet the needs of new issues better as they emerge.

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