Evan Rubinson and Creating a Strong Company Culture 

Evan Rubinson knows business. He has founded several companies of his own and has found success in multiple industries. Then, Covid happened and businesses were locked down for a long time. It was during that time that he saw how effective that working from home could be and how much a flexible working arrangement could make a difference in an employee’s life. He maintains that keeping the situation flexible is an important way to help the culture of the company to be a stronger one.


For Evan Rubinson, the pandemic showed him that people could work effectively from home and deliver good results. However, he has a personal preference to keep everyone in the office. But after seeing the results during the pandemic, he has come to believe that work should be more flexible when necessary. These days, he puts himself in the shoes of an employee who is asking to work from home and tries to see things from their perspective. This has helped him to form a stronger bond with the employees who are approved to work from home, and this is highly important to the company’s culture.

Building Culture

When you want to build a great culture, you have to be fair with employees and show that you respect them. Evan Rubinson found this out as he helped forge a company culture that was strong and cohesive. By treating the employees with fairness and considering what they have going on in their lives, he has been able to see a positive culture evolve. He has seen that not everyone has to do work the traditional way, and he tries to be open to flexibility when it’s necessary. Being more flexible is a good way to show employees that you care about them, he believes. This caring is vital to the company’s culture.

Evan Rubinson has seen examples of negative company cultures in the media, including the current culture at Twitter. He makes an effort not to create a negative environment so that employee morale remains high. He has allowed many employees to work from home because they needed to at the time. He believes that when he is flexible with employees, they feel more positively about management and about the company in general. With a solid business culture, it’s easier for a company to get through tough times and to stay ready to meet goals. Evan Rubinson sees too much rigidity as a negative factor that can harm that culture.

A good culture also results in better teamwork and a team atmosphere. This can make the company stronger and help people to collaborate more effectively. A team atmosphere should be a culture that’s highly sought after by management. When employees appreciate the company they work for, it always makes it stronger and more effective. When everyone is better motivated, the entire company is elevated. Employees who know the company can help them if they should have to work from home are more satisfied with their jobs.

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