Disruptive Technology and Types of Disruptive Technologies

In 1997 Mr. Clayton M.Christensen ( A Harvard Business School Professor ) introduces a brand new term “Disruptive Technology”. Also, he describes that disruptive technology suddenly displaces a recognised technology. He explains later in the top selling book in 1997, “The Innovator’s Dilemma” and separate new technology into two major groups: Sustaining and Disruptive.

Sustaining technology: A technology which depends on incremental enhancements for an old technologies are known as sustaining technology.

However we’ve got the technology Since it is new so lacks refinement,frequently has performance problems,attracts a restricted audience and could not possess a proven request. The most typical illustration of disruptive technologies are “Electrical Speech Machine” later known as telephone by Alexander Graham Bell.

Professor Mr. Clayton M.Christensen explain in the book that no. of huge corporations are just like to utilize sustaining technologies plus they designed the work they do accordingly. Large Corporations are remaining near to their clients, getting a mechanism in position to build up existing technologies, so that they stand out at knowing their market. Marketing possibilities that are produced through the low margin disruptive technologies could cause the taking advantage of the possibility efficiencies and price saving by large corporations.

Professor Mr. Clayton M.Christensen in the book “The Innovator’s Dilemma” ( the very best selling book for that year 1997 ) as one example of his point about disruptive make use of the real life examples. He demonstrates how it’s common for any big corporation to dismiss all of the values of the disruptive, this is because it doesn’t reinforce on current company goals.

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