Common Signs You’re In Need of Water Heater Service!

If you’re noticing issues with your home’s water heater, then you’re likely in need of water heater service from your local plumbing team. Although water heater services and repairs tend to be pricey, you’re going to want to get your unit checked out before an even pricier replacement is necessary.

The best way to avoid premature water heater replacements is to be cautious of certain warning signs associated with water heaters, and below we’re detailing a handful of common signs that it’s time to call your plumber for water heater service jobs!

Common Signs That Your Home Requires Water Heater Service

Here are some red flag warning signs that you should know about when it comes to needing water heater services:

Irregular Water Temperatures

It’s always a huge bummer when your water heater isn’t producing the hot water it’s supposed to on a regular basis, and cold water sandwiches are a common issue that people notice shortly before a serious malfunction occurs.

You also might notice that your water heater works in certain parts of your home, but not in others. No matter what type irregular functionality you’re experiencing with your home’s water heater, it’s important to get the unit checked out by a professional as quickly as possible.

Leaks Coming From Your Water Heater

Many people don’t keep tabs on their water heaters, until it’s too late. This is largely because water heater tanks are typically kept in obscure areas, like basements, crawlspaces and closets.

This is why a lot of people won’t realize that their water heater is leaking until well after the leak initially developed, but no matter what point your leak is at, it’s important to remember that water heater leaks are one of the worst warning signs when it comes to needing repairs.

Water heater leaks can lead to serious issues like mold development and plumbing system corrosion, so it’s crucial to get this issue professionally addressed as soon as you notice it.

Your Unit Is Creating All Sorts of Strange Sounds

Water heaters are known for making certain sounds while working, but that doesn’t mean you should neglect seriously strange sounds coming from your unit on a consistent basis.

The way to resolve this issue is to pinpoint where exactly the sound is coming from, and if you do in fact find out that it’s coming from your water heater, then it’s a telltale sign that you’re going to need an expert technician to come by your home.

Certain noises may be the result of mineral buildup at the bottom of your unit’s tank, and other sounds may be an indication that you need a water heater replacement. But the good news is that an experienced water heater specialist can let you know what exactly is making these sounds, and what your best options are in terms of repairs.

The Water Coming From Your Water Heater Has Become Discolored

This is arguably one of the most startling warning signs associated with the need for water heater services. Whenever you notice your home’s water supply looking murky, brown, or discolored in any way, it’s a clear warning sign that you need professional plumbing help.

Water discoloration can be connected to corrosion, as well as hazardous chemicals finding their way into your water supply.

Your Hot Water Supply Doesn’t Last Long Enough

Although this warning sign can sometimes be attributed to having a water heater that’s simply too small for your household, it’s also commonly a warning sign that something is wrong with your existing unit.

Sudden losses of your hot water can actually be an indication that your system is experiencing a clog or serious buildup. This is why this is the type of issue that requires immediate professional attention, but the good news is that this type of water heater repair is usually pretty straightforward and easy.

Reach Out To Your Nearby Plumbing Team When You’re In Need Of Water Heater Service!

There are so many different problems that can arise for water heaters these days, and just about all of them require an experienced water heater expert to check things out for you.

Water heater services are never DIY tasks, and attempting a water heater repair on your own can really quickly make things a lot worse. So whenever you’re in need of these types of services, be sure to contact your local plumbing team right away!

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