Causes Of Missing Teeth and The Necessity of Replacement In Youth

As we age, we often lose most of our permanent teeth either due to cavities or secondary to severe periodontal disease. Tooth loss is common among the elderly, but can also happen in younger people who do not show up to their regular dental visits and get diagnosed with a dental problem much later when extraction remains the only viable solution.

Missing teeth need replacement otherwise we can face many issues like bone resorption, drifting of neighboring teeth resulting in malocclusion, difficulty in chewing food, and affecting your ability to smile confidently.

To replace your missing teeth with crowns or dentures, you can take an appointment with experienced dentists at Hekmat Dental Care in San Diego, California. They follow the best of Rancho Bernardo Dentistry practices and provide a friendly and comfortable environment to their patients who walk in to get high-quality dental treatment from their team of knowledgeable and highly experienced dentists.

Why do young people need missing teeth replacement?

Naturally, young people have good oral health and do not require dentures. However, there are conditions when you might need tooth replacement even at a younger age. You can look out on the internet for well-qualified Rancho Bernardo dental practices and find the one in the nearest locality for denture fabrication in the following scenarios:

  • You did not show up to your dental visits and tooth decay worsened:
  • When we miss our regular dental visits, we delay the diagnosis of tooth decay in the initial stages.
  • After the tooth decay has worsened, tooth extraction becomes the only way to prevent other teeth in the oral cavity from decaying.
  • You have too much gap in between your teeth:
  • In many cases, malocclusion can cause a gap between two teeth where food can get stuck and cause pain and decay.
  • To correct the gap, we sometimes need extraction and replacement of one or two teeth.
  • Even in the case of crowding, tooth extraction is necessary to prevent problems related to lack of space in the oral cavity.
  • You have severe periodontal disease:
  • When we don’t follow oral hygiene practices, gingivitis and periodontal disease can occur in the oral cavity.
  • Periodontal disease can loosen the tooth in their sockets, which can cause tooth mobility that requires extraction.
  • You have severe tooth pain:
  • When the pain gets severe, it has mostly reached the inner layers of the tooth which is the pulp that contains nerves and blood vessels.
  • Root canal treatment can save some of these teeth, but if the tooth has decayed to a large extent, extraction is the only treatment option.

Being a community in Rancho Bernardo, 4S Ranch has easy access to many highly qualified and experienced dental practices where you can reach out to get treatment for your decayed teeth or get a replacement for your missing teeth.

You can easily find a reliable dentist in Carmel Mountain Ranch in San Diego to either get partial or full dentures or get a porcelain crown for your missing teeth.

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