Buccal fat suctioning for facial sculpting

Buccal fat removal Toronto is the best choice for those who want a subtle change in facial contours.

Round, full cheeks could detract from an attractive face shape. Puffiness or heaviness in the cheek region hides the jawline and the upper and lower cheekbones. Buccal fat refers to the fatty pad that begins in the mouth and travels up the cheek and back of the skull. Following surgery, there is a more pronounced and refined appearance to the lower jaw and upper cheekbone. He advises his patients to tighten the masseter muscle in the back of their faces during consultations.

In most cases, a few Botox Toronto injections will do the trick. This method yields a noticeably slimmer and more appealing facial profile. If you want to slim down your cheeks and chin, that can be done. The results are surgical and long-lasting, just like the results of contouring or shadowing with makeup, which enhances the appearance of the cheekbones. Your surgeon can perform the procedure with minimal impact on the patient’s oral cavity if required. The average time for this procedure does not exceed half an hour, and it can be performed on an outpatient basis. It’s perfectly safe and can be combined with other therapies to achieve the desired effects. The lower face is often reduced in length while the upper cheeks are augmented with filler or fat to create a more youthful appearance. This could be achieved with just a little bit of liposuction under the chin. Again, these treatments can shape and improve facial appearance without requiring a complete overhaul.

Is there a point to facial contouring if we just take fat out of our cheeks?

Buccal fat removal is a viable option for those who wish to reduce the fullness and prominence of their cheeks.

Having no discernable facial features or structure. Care for facial skin that has sagged or loosened.

Can you give an idea of what the outcomes look like?

In contrast, the results of buccal fat reduction are more long-lasting. You can achieve a slimmer appearance by exercising this muscle group and pulling down on the cheeks. The procedure’s effectiveness may become more apparent once the swelling goes down.

Recovery from surgery to reduce buccal fat is short or nonexistent. Some patients may experience mild edoema and bruising in the first few days following recovery. After finishing their recovery, most patients feel well enough to return to work the following day.

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