5 Tips to Consider When Hiring Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer

When you involve in a car accident having the best personal injury lawyer to represent you is important. With a reputable and experienced attorney, you can construct a solid case that will assist you when negotiating a favorable settlement.

A good Indiana personal injury lawyer should be able to present himself in court and defend your rights by all means. Hiring an inexperienced personal injury lawyer can be disastrous in winning your case in court.

Here are the tips you can apply if you want to land the best personal injury lawyer to represent you.

 1 – Get a referral from friends 

If this is your first time having an accident, you may not have worked with a personal injury attorney before. There is someone right in your contacts who know one of the best-qualified attorneys to handle your case.

Ask your family and friends for referrals to the best lawyer they have worked with. You can also look at the Yellow Pages and get contacts of lawyers who specialize in personal injury cases. Visit the Indiana Bar Association for referrals to the best attorneys.

2 – Check the attorney’s website 

When hiring a personal injury lawyer, you want to find out if they have the right training for the job. One of the ways you can ascertain this is by visiting their website.

Go online and find out for yourself if the lawyer is competent enough. Most attorneys will publish customer testimonials and data proving how many successful cases they have handled. This can help you in deciding whether to hire them or not. Of much concern should be how long the attorney has been practicing law.

3 – Find out their disciplinary history 

When hiring a lawyer in Indiana, you should find out if they face any misconduct. This is important because it can tell if the attorney will handle your case with the utmost honesty and respect. Therefore, find out if the lawyer you are about to hire has faced the Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Commission which is in charge of investigating misconduct from attorneys in Indiana.

Visit the Commission’s website, type the attorney’s name and see if they appear in any sanctions. If the sanction is over a decade old, you cannot use it to judge the current abilities of the attorney.

4 – Book a consultation with the lawyers

Once you come up with a list of 3 or 4 lawyers that you think are fit to handle your case, you can now proceed to book a consultation.

Most personal injury lawyers in Indiana offer a free consultation or charge a small fee. That said, you can make that call, fill out the consultation form and have a face-to-face conversation to determine if the lawyer is fit to handle your case.

5 – Get ready with questions 

When consulting with a personal injury lawyer, you should have all your pressing questions ready.

You want to ask your lawyer about anything that you feel they should shed more light on, like whether they have handled a case like yours before and the possible outcome of your case. Only ask questions that you cannot find elsewhere on the attorney’s website to save your time.

Final Thoughts 

Getting the best personal injury lawyer in Indiana should not be that challenging if you know where to turn your head. You can apply these five tips and improve your chances of hiring the best attorney for your injury case.

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