5 Male Poses For Portrait Photos

Posing is the key to making a good portrait photograph for men. The right pose will flatter the subject, drawing attention to the necessary details in their face and body in general. The most flattering poses for men in portrait photography offer a look that reveals your best side. Grab the viewer’s attention and make them see you through the lens. Here are great male poses for portrait photos;

1.      Seated Male Pose For A Portrait Photo

The seated pose is one of professional photographers’ most preferred male poses for portrait photos. The seated pose is not just a picture of you sitting in an armchair or on stairs. It is one of the best options for men posing, especially if the photographer can manipulate the location to produce desired results.

The seated position is one of the most natural forms for posing a male portrait subject. This form will help you relax your body and mind, essential in producing a more natural pose. You can also vary your pose for each photo, for example, by leaning on something on one side in a seated position or by holding your favorite book.

You can also take advantage of this pose by taking photos at different levels- shooting down low, at eye level, and standing up. It’s essential for the male subject to look up to the lens.

2.      Hands In Pockets Male Pose

“Hands in pockets” is one of the best male poses for portrait photography. It’s not a challenging pose to do, but it can be pretty powerful. When you think of a man and his hands in his pockets, it instantly feels like they are relaxed and maybe even a little bit arrogant? There’s just something about being in your skin. You can stand straight with your feet slightly apart or shift your weight on one side. If you want to learn photography, you can start with this pose to help you feel confident with your camera.

The” Hands in Pockets” pose is classic, casual, timeless, and it doesn’t make the man look too stiff and boring. It’s a relaxed look that may suit particular portraits, perhaps not necessarily business portraits. The pose is simple, comfortable, and looks great in almost any setting or background. The pose gives off a relaxed vibe and comes across as being very natural. He’s not posing; he’s just standing there with his hands in his pockets!

3.      Leaning Male Pose

Leaning male pose for a portrait is one of the easiest male portrait poses to get right. However, very few men do it while it is popular with girl poses. Basically, instead of having your model stand there, you can have him lean up against something and drop his shoulder to his side. The pose gives you volume in the frame and brings a feeling of introspection about it.

You can vary the pose by slightly tilting your head towards the camera or leaning sideways against a wall while one hand in the pocket. The leaning photography pose is neutral, and most people like to strike this pose.

The most natural resting position while standing is having one hand resting on the hip, and you can place the other hand lightly on top of the head to get a stylish pose for a photoshoot. To achieve this look, stand sideways with one foot ahead of the other; put your chest forward and shoulders back. Leaning on your back against a wall while ensuring your bottom rests on the wall can produce an excellent pose with some variations on leg and arm positions.

4.      Standing and Looking Straight Ahead Male Pose

He takes a pose, standing legs shoulder-width apart while tucking his thumb into his belt loop. His shoulders appear squared to the camera, and he’s looking straight ahead. A great male pose indeed! You can make more variations on your standing male portrait pose with a hand behind the head or on the chest. You can also jump to get a more dynamic pose.

Try your hands on the hips with a sideways glance and a big smile to create a more relaxed and informal pose. It’s not just an easy pose to strike; it’s also a very comfortable one in which most people can rest while they prepare for their portrait. Make sure you are posing against a light background without other people for the best results.

5.      Walking Male Pose

The walking pose is excellent for taking pictures of business people, particularly if you want low-key-looking photos. The guy’s face isn’t front and center, so you don’t have to worry about that. The walking pose is crucial for outdoor photography, particularly for men.

Perhaps one of the most common poses is the walking pose. While it’s effortless, it’s handy for capturing motion and the relationship between the male subject and their environment. The walking photography pose involves having your subject walk in the direction you want to shoot while making sure they look at you.

You can start with them near your position or further away, as long as they walk towards you. It’s crucial to utilize auto-focus on the target’s face during movement and freeze any motion to capture a professional walking pose portrait photo.


When shooting a model’s portrait, you want to highlight their best features while showing off their personality. These poses are easy to do and flattering for most body types. Posing is a powerful tool that can help you make weaker images better. With an excellent pose, whether he’s sitting, standing, walking, the man’s posture will leave its mark on the viewer.

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