3 New Year’s Resolutions Smart Home Owners

Another holiday season has come and gone. At the time this post was written, we were working our way through the first full week of January 2022. Most of our New Year’s resolutions were still intact. Unfortunately, some were probably already broken. If you own some smart home devices, have you resolved to do anything different with them in 2022?

New Year’s resolutions for the smart home may seem a bit odd. But hey, you can resolve to do anything you want. With that in mind, there are three resolutions for smart home owners listed below. They were inspired by a recent New Year’s blog post published on the Vivint Smart Home website.

1. Save More Money

Most people invest in home automation for one of two reasons. They either want to make their homes more energy efficient or they are looking for increased security. Some people automate for both reasons. At any rate, why not resolve to save more money by increasing energy efficiency?

A good way to do that is to maximize the use of your smart thermostat along with investing in automated window blinds. Between the two, you can reduce your energy consumption and utility bills significantly.

A smart thermostat helps by making it easier for you to control the temperature inside your home. Your thermostat can be programmed according to your lifestyle and adjusted remotely. As for automated window blinds, they can be programmed to operate based on time of day and the season. A good program will help keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

2. Increase Your Security

The second resolution on our list is to increase your security. Maybe you have a home automation system with very few security devices installed. This year is as good as any to change that. Consider adding a few video cameras. If you don’t have sensors on your first-floor windows and doors, add some. They are pretty inexpensive.

You can further increase your security by programming smart lights that keep potential burglars guessing about whether your home is occupied. Throw in a video doorbell and you can reduce the chances of being victimized by porch pirates.

3. Control More with Your Voice

Finally, make 2022 the year you begin controlling your home automation system with your voice. One way to do that is to invest in a smart speaker that is compatible with your existing equipment. If you are a Vivint Smart Home customer, your equipment is likely compatible with smart speakers from both Google and Amazon.

Voice control ups the game where convenience is concerned. For example, let us say you have a cup of coffee in one hand and your toddler in the other as you leave in the kitchen. You cannot turn off the light without a third hand. But wait. You have a voice. Just tell your smart speaker to turn off the light and it is a done deal.

Smart speakers sure have come a long way since they were first introduced. Today’s models can do a lot more than their first-generation predecessors. And as time marches on, technology only gets better. Pretty soon, we may be controlling nearly all our home automation devices with voice commands.

Hopefully you are reading this post while the year is still young. If not, you can still resolve to get more out of your home automation system over the next 12 months. This post has given you some suggestions to get started. If you can think of anything else, just go for it.

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