What is the "Happiness"

«Happiness to you», "Be happy", "Happy journey", «there would be no happiness, yes the misfortune has helped» - As often we speak about happiness, we wish, each other, we aspire to it, we dream of it. And what is happiness? How to define its essence, how to give it the characteristic, to describe it.
Once I have thought of it and have come to a following conclusion: the Happiness is a state of mind, it is not a subject and the even not not granted desire. This is special condition of private world of the person. It is euphoria of feelings, emotions, improbable pleasure and pleasure. Yes, such condition is possible at execution of any very strong desire, at achievement of desired purpose any for a long time. And human nature can put any purposes, to dream of any desires. And often we name happiness execution of desire or object in view achievement. And now we frequently wish money, the power, riches, a successful marriage or the wife of supermodel. But as is frequent we then we are disappointed. And achievement of any terrestrial desires does not bring to us expected happiness, or it happens not long. In that that and feature of this feeling that than is more often we put the purposes and faster them we reach, and the our desires are more often granted, the the sensation of pleasure is weaker. By inertia we continue to wish something and to something to aspire, and pleasures from reached ever less. In my opinion, the sensation of happiness should be cultivated in itself, is artificial to create in itself this euphoria of feelings, using for this purpose the most insignificant occasion, the most insignificant, but pleasant event. In a word, to learn to rejoice lives and to be it happy, несмотря on any difficulties and a hardship. There are people, their truth is not a lot of, which have such property of soul from a birth. It always light faces, beautiful soul and a body at any age. Such people do not have necessity to do to itself plastic operations, to follow any modes and diets, to look well. They are always benevolent and magnanimous, it is easy and pleasant to communicate with them, they, are as though shone from within with happiness, they infect with the optimism of associates. For them it is absolutely not important, on what step to a social ladder they stand, where they live that have also other household things. If we learn to live and perceive the world also as they the mankind will take a huge step on a perfection way, and the person will not be threat to world around, will get rid of many illnesses, becomes purer and is more light!

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